Aug 3, 2016

Trusting in the Lord

This past weekend one of our elders preached about trusting the Lord completely < > .  Using the passage from Acts 23:1-31 (Paul standing before the Sanhedrin),  Mike talked about allowing the Holy Spirit to control what you say in difficult situations. He referred to two other Scriptures, Matthew 10:19 and Mark 13:11. Giving his own testimony of trusting the Lord to take care of him and his family needs for the past two years of unemployment was the heart felt tug on our souls that morning.  There is a song being played on the local Christian station, "Trust in You" sung by Lauren Daigle. The chorus goes like this,

 "When you don't move the mountains I'm needing you to move; when you don't part the waters I wish I could walk through; when you don't give the answers as I cry out to you; I will trust in you". 

Are we intimate enough with our Savior that we can say, believe and live this words in our lives? I know that most of you know the Lord, but do you trust him with your very being? Psalm 23:1-4 was brought into the teaching that day. We may have to admit that if we trust the Lord but have not experience his leading in this intimate way, we have have too much of ourselves or things of this world in the way. My mother told us children a saying as we were growing up, "When you open up your closet that is full and can't decide what to wear then you have too much in your closet."

As we walk in this world clothed in His righteousness let us keep a sober mind about whom we have the privilege of serving on this pilgrim journey.  Stay close to the Lord, stay in His word.

Mike challenged us with the word of God, Psalm 42:4, "These things I remember as I pour out my soul; how I used to go to the house of God under the protection of the Mighty One with shouts of joy and praise among the festive throng."

Make this verse a present tense in your life:

These things I do, I pour out my soul, I go to the house of God, I am under his protection, I praise with the festive throng.

Keep following the Shepherd,


Park Hills Christian Church
El Paso, Texas 79904